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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exude lip creme

There wasn't much to write home about in February's Birchbox. I still love this monthly program regardless. This months standouts were the lip creme & the cute heart shape file which I broke :( & don't wanna talk about!
Anywho Exude lip creme retails for 20.00 & is endorsed by Celeb stylist Rachael Zoe. I adore everything about this. Sleek packaging + innovative applicator + tingly glossy formula = equals a win in my book. I was sent the color nude. It's a gorgeous caramel with golden sparkles.
I'm going to check out the other colors on their website:

What are your thoughts on this gloss...and has anyone tried it?


  1. Isn't that applicator so cool! Love the colour too, nude lips = suuuper sexy!

  2. Love this applicator!! Can't wait to get more colors ;)


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