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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Artsy Wednesday Movie Theme

Welcome to another great week of Artsy Wednesday! This week is Movie Themed
I was inspired to do: Charlie and the Chocolate factory
This is My candy coated Manicure. I could hardly wait all week to post this Manicure! I actually was able to incorporate real candy into this design, using rainbow sprinkles.
I'm very happy with the turn out.

Polishes used:

•Pinky-NYX girls white,blk striper & holo glitter
•Ring-SOPI studs & stillettos
•Middle-candy sprinkles
•Ring-WnW The gold and the Beautiful
•Thumb-OPI Thrill of Brazil,why striper & LA Girls Celebrate

Be sure & check out the other Artist involved in this weeks movie Challenge:

I hope You Enjoyed this Weeks Artsy Wednesday, join Us next week for Easter themed Manicures! ;))

**check out the post below for the two movie inspired manicures that didn't make the cut**

Let me know Your favorites & Why in the comments below :)

Practice makes Perfect

As Much as I love Doing My nails, sometimes I like wearing My manicures A few days at a time. Instead of practicing new designs on Myself I like to do a HardCopy on My color Wheels. So I can get the design just right before I do it on Myself. I also get a chance to photograph them and see if the colors,texture & theme are translating properly. I save all My Color wheels for future reference.

This weeks theme for Artsy Wednesday is Movies. I had so many the end I chose to practice My 3 favorite on Color wheels.

I thought you might like to see the two that didn't make the cut:

•Alice and Wonderland
•Coming To America

Stay Tuned for the Movie that I Like best, coming up Next!!

What do you think about these? Do You use color wheels?

Monday, March 26, 2012

1st Julep Maven Box

I got My very First Julep Maven Box!!! Yay! & it was only a Penny...Does it get any better??

It came very quickly & was packaged very secure (bubble wrap & paper shreds)
I am BoHo Glam
Inside was :

•Meryl- The perfect nuetral,sophisticated gray creme

•Blake-Sunny butter yellow creme

•Julep Facial For Hands Glycoliv Hand Scrub-potent Glycoliv acid combined with apricot seeds provides powerful double exfoliation that leaves your hands feeling noticeably softer and looking younger after just one use. Naturally scented with orange oil for a refreshing aromatherapy boost with each use.

So far so good...

Are U a Maven?which one? How did u feel about this months box

MakeUp Magnet Board

Here is an easy You-Can-do It! Project
I had been wanting to find away to get all the products out of the bottomless makeup bag and into an organized usable display, where I could see everything. Otherwise I just reached for the products on top.
This whole project cost me about 25.00

I did a little research on line and found that Ikea carries Magnetic boards for 12.99 that come in silver or white. I chose white, since My walls are white. I picked a small glue gun for 4.99 at a craft store & found extra strength magnets at home depot for under 2.00.

Basically I went through My make up & picked my most used and favorite products. I only added a few lip products because I already have storage for gloss,balms & lipsticks.
This board is basically for eye & cheek & a few miscellaneous essentials.
I used the glue gun to attach magnets and voila!! Attach to Your board and Your done ;)

I chose to personalize a bit by adding My name & PG! (polished genius) with magnetic alphabet. I also added a round mirror right in the middle. I hung this up in My vanity area across from My nail polish

I'm pretty happy with this set up so far. It's so easy to just look over & grab a color, then put it right back in its place.
I'm loving that My vanity is now clutter me more space to do nail art.
I've also seen a few girls who have cut metal and covered with material & Put into a frame then added magnets.. That's a cute idea as well.

I hope you liked this easy storage idea! I'd love to hear Your thoughts. How are you storing products at the moment

Black on Black

Quick post of a Mani from a few weeks ago. I painted my nails with WnW ebony hates Chris then used My matte topcoat to make it nice and flat. I like using WarPaint Beauty Mattify from Hot Topic.
Then I used a dotting to or the end of a paint brush to make dots on top of the matte paint.

I love the contrast and texture.

Matte black always reminds me of Batman ;) I was inspired to do this Black on Black manicure as I was wearing My super hero Pajamas


Sunday, March 25, 2012

My POLiSH Storage

Hello Geniuses!

So the topic for today is: Storage.
The polish was really starting to take over ( I know you all understand My pain )
As My collection grows it was driving me crazy that it was not organized. I wanted to see everything & make sure I wasn't buying all sorts of Dupes or being a pink Fanatic (I like to spread My love across the rainbow)
I really didn't want a helmer-Melmer-Shmelmer. Lol nothing against those but being the person who I am I want to see them in a display...preferably without taking up floor space.

So this is what worked out for me. Check out the picks below & leave me your thoughts below in the comments and I'd also like to know how You store Your collection & how many bottles live in Your rainbow

Hope You enjoyed this post.

Ps. There will be a part 2 to this post. My collection was too big for two racks and I need to order a 3rd

***UPDATE 4/8 I've added a 3rd rack & still growing ;)***

Naked Luxe mani


Today I have My most recent manicure that I am super in loves with.
I recently recieved some nail mail (yay!!) and I am now the proud owner of My very first Lippmann polish. This is a very proud moment for me. I have over 200 bottles of nail polish on 2 acrylic racks and in desperate need of a 3rd. I have personally promised my self to fill it up with more high end & indie polish brands. This lippman falls into the high end category at 16.00 a bottle. I picked the shade Naked which is a beautiful creme beige. Not exactly Manniquin hands for me as I have a golden brown skintone, but beautiful none the less. 2 coats gave full coverage & the formula was beautiful and rich.
And just because I can never leave well enough alone I added an accent finger with China Glaze Luxe & Lush from the Hunger games collection (aka Capitol Colors)
This is a fabulous flakie topcoat! A must have for any collector. I almost passed without looking thinking this was a Essie Shine of the Times Dupe. It's NOT. This has a beautiful fiery opal color shift & looks like shattered irridecent glass.

I think these two go really well together. This is a great neutral mani with a bit of pizzazz.
I see my self using both of these colors often. Naked gives a very clean look which I love and often crave after really intricate & busy manis. I can't wait to see Luxe & Lush layered over cool pinks,mint & grey colors

So stay tuned ;)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Nadia Goes to the Salon

I have the cutest post today!! I'm totally in love with My 4 Nieces. From oldest to youngest I have:

& Nadia who is the baby of the family.

Nadia is 2 years old (26months to be exact) well she is turning into quite the diva these days! She loves to get her nails & toes painted. She actually sits still & holds her little fingers out to be painted. This is soo surprising to me because of her age...but I have to say I am a very proud Auntie considering I am the "POLiSHED*GENiUS"....I think I may have a few generations coming for my spot ;)

My sister took Nadia to the salon. She is the youngest person to ever get a pedicure & manicure in their establishment.
Since my sister lives on the east coast & I on the west coast, She was sweet enough to capture the moment in pictures for me!

She is so cute & grown up here. She is growing into a big girl right before my eyes. She picked out her own colors and everything.

Look at how beautiful her nails are. My sister keeps her girls well manicured :) And we wouldn't have it any other way!

I hope You enjoy these pics as much as We do!

Anybody Else take their children to the salon or give them a mani/pedi at home?

Ps. I Love You Nadia!!

50 FaceboOk Likes Giveaway!!!

Thank You So much for all Your support! This will be the 1st of many Giveaways! GoOd Luck Geniuses!

***please be patient with the rafflekopter

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Artsy Aussie Wednesday Blue Nails

Hello my pretty Geniuses ;) hope Your having a fabulous Day!
This is My 3rd week involved in Artsy Wednesday (I post on Tuesdays due to the different time zones of everyone involved)
This weeks theme is "Blue Nails"
I had many different ideas for this challenge. In the end I chose to do a dark blue creme by Sally Hansen called Thinking of Blue. With a fun converse accent nail in China Glaze Secret Periwinkle. I really liked how this came out. The colors are Beautiful & the design is really fun.

For an easy How-Tutorial be sure to check out the post below this!

check out these awesome bloggers & Their Blue nails for this Week:

I really hope You enjoyed this weeks Artsy WednesdaySee you next week! The theme will be based on a movie!

Monday, March 19, 2012

How-To: Converse Manicure

We all love our Chucks ;) so why not extend that love to Our Fingers?
Ok so This How-to is super simple & super cute.

You will need:
•A polish color of Your choice ( I'm using Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby )
•opaque white nail polish
•2 nail stripers black and white
•A clean Toothpick
•Top coat

Let's get started:

1.paint your nail with two coats with the color of Your choice.

2. Using the white nail polish make a half circle on the free edge of your nail. Use two coats if needed.

3. Using the white striper make a line above the half circle then cross cross three times to make the laces

4. Dab a drop of the black striper paint on a piece of paper. Using the clean toothpick dot the paint onto the corners of the laces for eye holes

5. Using the black striper line the toe of the shoe making a wide "U"
Top your tiny shoe with a clear coat & your good to go ;)

I hope you liked this easy How-To

Marissa Manicure

I Love all My little Nieces soo Much being an Aunt is the greatest gift I've ever experienced.
I asked My 5yr old niece how she thought I should paint my nails & she said: Rainbow! I personally love rainbows so I dedicate this simple rainbow Manicure to her.
I kept it minimal and painted each finger a different color. To keep things interesting I used rich vibrant colors that had depth & sparkle.
The finished look was Bright & festive

Colors I used:

• China Glaze Ruby Pumps
• OPI Grape Set Match
• Loreal Tweet Me
• Sinful Colors Call U Later
• Finger Paints Easely-Entertained

Of course as Always I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite

Hope You enjoyed this NOTD

Thursday, March 15, 2012

BerryPolished Berry inspired contest

Hello My fellow Geniuses :) I hope Your week is going well so far. I just wanted to do a quick post about the berry cute manicure I entered into berry inspired contest on Facebook.
Of course since I'm a chef I'm always inspired by food lol, so I went with a chocolate strawberry accent nail on a white background. The rest of My nails were a sheer fuchsia and dotted with matching colors from the strawberry.

Colors used:
OPI Im so Texy ( sheer jelly )
nyx Girls white
Unforgettable moments turquoise
Sally Hansen Forbidden Fudge
SOPI Its My PinkThe

strawberry was made using a toothpick to slowly outline and fill in. The dots were done using the end of a paint brush since I don't have dotting tools yet.

Make sure You check out the rest of the entries! All are Berry cute ;)

Blonde Bombshell

My nickname for those of You that don't know is the Goldnchyld. With that said I am always on the hunt for a good Golden polish.
I have quite a few..but nothing that I loove.
I was in My local Sally's a couple of weeks ago & found a lonely bottle of China Glaze on the very bottom of the clearance rack. I snatched her up..paid and was on My way.

I had totally forgot about her..she was living in the bottom of My purse when I realized.
To make a long story short...this has to be one of My best impulse buys. China Glaze Blonde Bombshell is a glittery gold polish in a light golden base with fine strawberry blonde bar glitters. Woah...I did not expect that! It's a perfect gold shade. Being neither to warm or cold. It is fully opaque with 2 coats & wears beautifully.

Worn below as an accent finger with OPIs I have a herring problem.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Artsy Aussie Wednesday

This weeks Artsy Wednesday theme was Animal print.
For my first attempt at an animal print I decided to go Natural. I chose a leopard print.

I used 3 colors for this effect :

Sally Hansen's Smooth Perfect color care in Dune was the base color

Essie's Case Study & Sally hansens Nail Growth Miracle in Forbidden Fudge were used to make the print.

I used the end of a paint brush to make various size spots on my nail in Case Study. I then used a toothpick and forbidden fudge to do the darker outline. Very easy & quick even though it looks like a complex pattern.

I am pretty happy with the turn out. I'd like to try it again using bright colors.

Make sure you check out these awesome bloggers & Their Animal Print nails for this Week:

I really hope You enjoyed this weeks Artsy WednesdaySee you next week! The theme will be "Blue Nails"! Love Always, The Polished Genius