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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Betsey Johnson scented Nail polish

Yay! 3 things I love in one product! Polish,purfume & Betsey

Fashion designer Betsey Johnson has teamed up with Sephora & OPI for a nail line that includes 7 nail polishes (9.50each) 3 nail polish strips(12.00each), stick on nail charms(5.00each), a six piece mini polish set(24.00) & one scented nail polish called "Its My Pink"(9.50)

I picked up the scented polish as fast as I could ;) I'm a sucker for that type of stuff. She is a bold bright pink & smells AMAZING...once your nails are fully dry. This will be one of My summer staples!

Leave it to Betsey ;)

Any thoughts on this collection? Anyone picked up any scented polish


  1. I'm a sucker for scented polishes. One of my first ever polishes was a rose scented top coat mmmmmm :)

  2. Rose scented sounds wonderful...I just saw color club will have scented Copy Cat polish that smells like popular perfumes like Burberry & Calvin Klein...hmm kinda wanna smell those


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