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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Orange You glad its March

Idk what it is about march but With all the green floating around I long for orange colors. When I think leprechauns I think of gorgeous fiery orange red hair.
So lately I've been on an orange kick & after incorporating it onto my look, I've realized it's totally wearable. I went EVERYWHERE trying to hunt down the perfect orange blush. I really wanted Nars Taj Mahal :( but couldn't find her. Luckily another blogger suggested I try cinnamon from NYX. I'm actually happy I ended up with cinnamon. This is a beautiful universally flattering color. This looks super pretty on woman with a deeper skin tone...& going to be great through summer with a tan. I also picked up NYX liner in Pumpkin which is a richer shade of orange with shimmer. The liner goes really well with my Favorite orange lipstick which happens to be MAC Morange. This is a super bright orange lipstick but can be blotted lighter or muted with gloss. Top it off with Hi-Def orange nail color from Sephora OPI. This is a bold orange creme with great coverage & wear.

What colors are you reaching for this month? Any orange faves in your stash?


  1. Those colors are so pretty, let's see a look, I bet a pretty gold would go beautifully with that eyeshadow.

    1. Your right! I will try that very soon..thanks ;)


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