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Monday, March 12, 2012

Artsy Aussie Wednesday

This weeks Artsy Wednesday theme was Animal print.
For my first attempt at an animal print I decided to go Natural. I chose a leopard print.

I used 3 colors for this effect :

Sally Hansen's Smooth Perfect color care in Dune was the base color

Essie's Case Study & Sally hansens Nail Growth Miracle in Forbidden Fudge were used to make the print.

I used the end of a paint brush to make various size spots on my nail in Case Study. I then used a toothpick and forbidden fudge to do the darker outline. Very easy & quick even though it looks like a complex pattern.

I am pretty happy with the turn out. I'd like to try it again using bright colors.

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I really hope You enjoyed this weeks Artsy WednesdaySee you next week! The theme will be "Blue Nails"! Love Always, The Polished Genius


  1. You chose some great colors, I like animal print when it's close to natural, well done :)

  2. Very pretty! I need some better brushes for free hand work! You did a good job!

  3. Thanx Ms. Lizard! Yea I need some brushes too..I mostly use toothpicks for everything

  4. Tif, just a quick not - I have NO idea why your blog doesn't show up on my blog list, you are on it, and even if delays can happen, it's STILL not there... :(

  5. I see it there now thanks Maria

  6. This is fantastic - I am in love with this colour combination Tif!!

  7. Pretty! Looks just like fur :)

  8. This looks great! Looking forward to next week! :)

  9. I looove this color and the name is ashley pashley

  10. This looks so cool! Lol you make it sound so easy


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