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Sunday, March 4, 2012

LA PAZ-itively HOT

Me & My most favoritest person (My Mama) went out for pedis, cuz our dogs were barking from a day full of shopping.
We hit up a little spot in the valley that I like and settled into out spa chairs. We always have a great time in our own little world laughing & talking ish. We are so similar sometimes its scary..well We happen to pick the same exact pink OPI polish. This pink was a beautiful bold hot pink with a bluish pink flash throughout....more of a summer shade but we didn't care. The subtle shimmer & flash adds depth and sets the pink apart from others making it unique.... Of course in the presence of such an amazing shade..we flipped the bottle to see the name and the label was missing.(of course)
The techs were no help at all & wouldn't even sale us the bottle ( yes we wanted it that bad )

Oh well boo hoo We moved on with our perfectly hot pedis & went on with life...absence makes the heart grow fonder ;)

Well this weekend I stumbled across that very polish at nordstroms ;) it's called LA PAZ-itively HOT & it's from the south American collection.
Now our life's until next time ( gotta love the hunt )

Anyways check her out ladies, she is HOT. Looks great with a tan

What is you favorite pink shade?

P.S Love you Mom ;) I Love our Crazy adventures even tho You like to speed up time (insider)


  1. I seriously LOVE this colour, it puts me in the brightest and best mood!

  2. Me makes me feel that crazy or what? I love how little bits of color can change my mood :)


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