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Monday, March 19, 2012

Marissa Manicure

I Love all My little Nieces soo Much being an Aunt is the greatest gift I've ever experienced.
I asked My 5yr old niece how she thought I should paint my nails & she said: Rainbow! I personally love rainbows so I dedicate this simple rainbow Manicure to her.
I kept it minimal and painted each finger a different color. To keep things interesting I used rich vibrant colors that had depth & sparkle.
The finished look was Bright & festive

Colors I used:

• China Glaze Ruby Pumps
• OPI Grape Set Match
• Loreal Tweet Me
• Sinful Colors Call U Later
• Finger Paints Easely-Entertained

Of course as Always I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite

Hope You enjoyed this NOTD


  1. Oh, so cute she is :)
    Your mani is nice, but how about you niece's did you do that the same way??

  2. Thank You Maria :) no I was not able to paint hers. She lives in Texas. But she always looks at all My manicures & paints hers similar colors. It's so cute!

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