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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Green with ENVY...or not

Spring is near, that means sinful colors elusive "green ocean" has surfaced again this year. This is a beautiful green color shifting I snapped her up & took her home to live with all the other colors.
I think my hopes may have been a bit too high....first off The formula is a bit goopy. So you need to add a little thinner to make her workable. Second she isn't very consistent with her beauty...I was left with either overkill or bald patches. And last the end result is a bit chunky & the flakies don't lie flat ( definitely needed mucho Seche Vite)

But hey for 1.99 or 99cents if your lucky...she is a gorgeous unique color.

Also wanted to add if your looking for the PERFECT caramel shimmer lip....MAC Spring Bean is Your girl.

Now I know she seems a bit scary in the tube...but she translates so beautiful on the lip ( Remember Green nuetralizes Red ) same thing applies here & your left with a gorgeous neutral pout....and all your girls asking : what is that?? Lol, just smile & put em up on game.

It's seriously my 5th tube..I pick one up every spring.

Anybody else rocking Spring Bean this season?
What are your favorite Green products?

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