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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Practice makes Perfect

As Much as I love Doing My nails, sometimes I like wearing My manicures A few days at a time. Instead of practicing new designs on Myself I like to do a HardCopy on My color Wheels. So I can get the design just right before I do it on Myself. I also get a chance to photograph them and see if the colors,texture & theme are translating properly. I save all My Color wheels for future reference.

This weeks theme for Artsy Wednesday is Movies. I had so many the end I chose to practice My 3 favorite on Color wheels.

I thought you might like to see the two that didn't make the cut:

•Alice and Wonderland
•Coming To America

Stay Tuned for the Movie that I Like best, coming up Next!!

What do you think about these? Do You use color wheels?


  1. Love these nails. OMG Coming to America is still one of the funniest movies ever!

    1. Yes it is ;) I still watch it frequently. I heart Eddie Murphy

  2. I'm loving the Alice in Wonderland nails! :)

  3. I love the Alice in Wonderland designs :)

  4. thnx..I really liked it to..the only thing I would change is the roses. If this mani made it to my fingers I was changing it to queen of heart playing card


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