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Monday, March 26, 2012

MakeUp Magnet Board

Here is an easy You-Can-do It! Project
I had been wanting to find away to get all the products out of the bottomless makeup bag and into an organized usable display, where I could see everything. Otherwise I just reached for the products on top.
This whole project cost me about 25.00

I did a little research on line and found that Ikea carries Magnetic boards for 12.99 that come in silver or white. I chose white, since My walls are white. I picked a small glue gun for 4.99 at a craft store & found extra strength magnets at home depot for under 2.00.

Basically I went through My make up & picked my most used and favorite products. I only added a few lip products because I already have storage for gloss,balms & lipsticks.
This board is basically for eye & cheek & a few miscellaneous essentials.
I used the glue gun to attach magnets and voila!! Attach to Your board and Your done ;)

I chose to personalize a bit by adding My name & PG! (polished genius) with magnetic alphabet. I also added a round mirror right in the middle. I hung this up in My vanity area across from My nail polish

I'm pretty happy with this set up so far. It's so easy to just look over & grab a color, then put it right back in its place.
I'm loving that My vanity is now clutter me more space to do nail art.
I've also seen a few girls who have cut metal and covered with material & Put into a frame then added magnets.. That's a cute idea as well.

I hope you liked this easy storage idea! I'd love to hear Your thoughts. How are you storing products at the moment


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you I moved the clutter from the counter to the wall lol

    2. At least it looks way more pretty like this ;)

  2. Home handywoman extroadinare!! Great idea!

    1. Hahaha...I like to get a little crafty from time to time

  3. Brilliant idea! A shame I don't wear make up, so I can't recreate it :/ I have to just glue magnets on random things and stick it up on my magnet board.. there!

    1. I think it would still be great with miscellaneous items!


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