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Monday, March 19, 2012

How-To: Converse Manicure

We all love our Chucks ;) so why not extend that love to Our Fingers?
Ok so This How-to is super simple & super cute.

You will need:
•A polish color of Your choice ( I'm using Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby )
•opaque white nail polish
•2 nail stripers black and white
•A clean Toothpick
•Top coat

Let's get started:

1.paint your nail with two coats with the color of Your choice.

2. Using the white nail polish make a half circle on the free edge of your nail. Use two coats if needed.

3. Using the white striper make a line above the half circle then cross cross three times to make the laces

4. Dab a drop of the black striper paint on a piece of paper. Using the clean toothpick dot the paint onto the corners of the laces for eye holes

5. Using the black striper line the toe of the shoe making a wide "U"
Top your tiny shoe with a clear coat & your good to go ;)

I hope you liked this easy How-To


  1. These are the only shoes my 4 year old son wears, I need to try this - maybe tomorrow. :)


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