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Saturday, May 19, 2012

ChildhoOd Beauty

Every since I was a little girl I loved things that smell good. I've always had a love for products...I still use baby Magic lotion because that's what My mother used on Me from day one. Certain smells can just take You back to a time when things were simpler.

So today I thought I'd show two products that I loved as a kid & still love as an adult and to this day I use both products frequently.

First is My Holy Grail lip balm LIPSMACKER!!! I live for these colorful tubes of sweet moisturizing goodness. Honestly the best lip balm ever....i have more tubes than i can count stashed in all My jean pockets & purses & lot of other random places..incase of a chapped emergency lol..My favorite being Cotton Candy a light pink that gives a light moist nude effect that I loooove.

The Second product that I love from childhood is none other than Mr Bubble bubble bath in original bubble. I've taken hundreds of bubble baths with this and the smell just automatically relaxes me and reminds me of many fun memoriesp. This bubble bath is Tear free & hypo-allergenic. Plus it smells like clean bubble gum :)

I never take My self too seriously..I love color & I love fun products...especially the ones I've grown up with...

What fun products do you still use from Your childhood?


  1. LOL, promise never to grow old enough to take yourself too seriously, that's when your imagination and curiosity dies :)
    I can't say there are anything I still use from my childhood, and come to think of it, I don't think much of it exist any longer LOL there was a toothpaste called Signal, I once ate an entire tube of it LOL, I would love to try that again :)

  2. I promise ;) I love the creativity of we are never too old for color and fun

  3. Hmmm, don't think I really do use anything from my childhood apart from things I use with my daughter like Johnson shampoo & lotion. Fun post, km a new follower x :-)


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