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Sunday, May 6, 2012

VS Bombshell Summer Edition

“Hello, Bombshell. Welcome to paradise. Lush tropics. Untamed beauty. Let the summer begin. A blend of jasmine dew, white amber and starfruit,”- Victoria’s Secret.

Mmmmm...I love my fragrances & with summer fast approaching it was time for something new and refreshing. A trip to Victoria Secrets is just what the doctor ordered. The sales associate was kind enough to show me this limited edition smell good when I explained My needs.
It's fresh light and pretty....yet has staying power. I needed something that could take me through the beach and back but still nice enough for dinner.
Plus the bottles pretty cute sitting on the vanity ;)

What are Your summer faves?
Some of mine include Escada Rio, Gucci Envy & Tommy Hilfiger Cologne (yesss the men's)


  1. Oh this looks nice, not sure if they sell it here. Um I love for summer any of the Escada's YSL Parisienne, Gucci Flora, Women's Nautica. & you are right, TOMMY is delicious :)

    1. I've been meaning to try Flora.....Guilty is Divine..I've gone through 3 bottles & that's NEVER happened before.
      I have to keep Tommy stocked..drives me crazy lol Although Bleu de CHANEL is really winning me over


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