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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zoya Blogger Collection

My first Full sized Zoya polish happens to be the Blogger Collection :) how appropriate...right?
I'm a Birchbox subscriber & as soon as I heard about this collection I knew it would be mine.
In the preview photo the colors look pretty similar. After swatching them they are nothing alike at all. Belle is a shimmery sheer pink that leans towards peach. Coraline is a sheer orange red coral & Kate a sheer punchy orange. All three dry to a super shiny finish & will look great layered. Belle as a shimmery top and the other two in jelly sandwiches..great summer colors!

Can't wait to experiment...


  1. Those look like they should be Popsicles :P

    1. That's exactly what they look like Kas ;) melted pops

  2. I love Oranges! Can't wait to see them on you :)


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