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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Artsy Wednesday Easter Theme

Welcome to this weeks Artsy Wednesday Holiday Edition: Easter

I had a few ideas that incorporated art & in the end I decided simple was best. I went with color blocking. The colors were so beautiful & glossy. They reminded me of Easter Jelly Beans.

Four of the five colors used were L.A. Girls black light nail polish from the Disco brites collection. Unfortunately I don't have a black light, so I can't show that effect (I promise to do a follow up post on that)
These colors are creamy and vibrant

Colors used:

•yellow-Color Club Almost Famous
•orange-Stayin' Alive

***Last I've added a pic of a little nail art I added..I wasn't too happy with it. The concept was cool but execution ended up looking a bit busy & thick.

But I really loved the colors on their own.

Be sure & check out the rest of the groups take on Easter nails
HapPy EasTer everyone!!! See You next week for Stripes ;)


  1. OHH, I thought ypu hadn't posted, but now I found it :) It's super cute, lovely colors and the bunny has such nice blue eyes :)

    1. Yea I was a few hours late..I forgot to set it up & woke up in a panic 3 hours late lol. But it's up now. Thanks

  2. yum! These look delicious. . oh and the jelly beans too! :-)

  3. I loove the brightness of this mani & the Bunny is cute :)

  4. Thanks ladies. I hope You all have a very happy Easter!

  5. This is so fun! I love the skittled colours, nice combo! :)


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