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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Hand Routine

I take great pride in My hand care routine. In order to bring You My best Manicures, I must keep My paws in tip top shape. I've had many request to share the products I use.
I do switch up products frequently since I try and find the best things that work for Me. As of right now I've been currently using the products listed below & Am very happy with the results.

1.Julep Facial for hands
2.double sided nail brush
3.One Love Skin Savior Beauty Balm
4.Alpha Hydroxy glycolic lotion
5.stainless steel cuticle trimmer
6.e.l.f nourishing cuticle pen
7.Revlon Nail buffer

If there is a Fab product You currently obsessing over I'd love to hear about it .


  1. i love opi avoplex oil for my cuticles... the hydration from it is immense! xx

  2. now, is the elf a cuticle remover? that hand facial is interesting! i spend a lot of time outside, so i slather my hands in sunscreen.

    1. Not its not a remover...more like an oil to hydrate and soften. I need to add a good SPF to My routine. Do You recommend one for hands?

  3. well, im embarrassed to say i just use banana boat sport. spf uvb 50. i have been thinking of even going higher for my hands. i do like the banana boat sport because it isn't greasy, however, lots of brands now aren't either. i love that you use the elf, its so cheap! i can afford one for my purse and one for my nightstand!!

    1. I don't discriminate against brands :) it's all about trial and error...sometimes the most expensive products end up being the worst..and vice versa. I love a great cheap find!

  4. I'm loving CND Solar Oil. It smells amazing too!


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