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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Smell The Revlon Rainbow

Hello Dollfaces

Just a quick post because I was too excited to wait!! Because I Loooooooove Rainbows...especially fruity rainbows.
I was super lucky today & found the complete Revlon Fizz collection.
8 fruity scented glass flecked colors:

•Watermelon Fizz
•Grapefruit Fizz
•Orange Fizz
•Pineapple Fizz
•AppleTini Fizz
•Colada Fizz
•Mint Fizz
•Grape Fizz

These smell super sweet :) and are on the sheer side..great for layering. I used 3 coats on the Colorwheel & I'm fine with the opacity its perfect for summer & that beautiful glass fleck gives them a bit of bling. These remind me of melted popsicles & shaved ice.
They will definitely be in heavy rotation as the weather warms up

And to top it all off I only paid a dollar for each one ;)) Eight freakin bucks for a fantastically Fruity Rainbow!!


So happy with this haul! <---- as You can tell.

Anybody else own these?


  1. Gorgeous! I've been wanting more of these for a while, enjoy them!

    1. Thank You Emily..I'm such a sucker for The Kitch :)

  2. Where on earth did you find these that they were only a dollar?!? Lucky!

  3. Wow! I need to find that light blue! Where to look, where to look?

    1. It is indeed beautiful...I can't wait to layer her...I hope You can find her

  4. Awesome bargain!! I bought some of these for $4 each.

  5. I keep seeing these around but haven't bought excited to see you swatch some!!

    1. Thanks holly...I will be using them for lots of fun summer manis..I can't wait either...ah who would have known little bottles of paint could bring so much joy :)

  6. did u just get these (like within a couple of days)?? they are awesome!

    1. Yes I was lucky enough to find them in one day ;)

  7. I just bought most of these and a couple other revlons (including facets of fuchsia) not very long ago, all for a buck a piece!

    I think we've been shopping at the same place lol


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