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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello Kitty NOTD

Hey Chicas
Hope You are all enjoying the weekend!!

For Todays NOTD ( nail of the day ) I've posted a Hello Kitty Manicure. I kept it simple & put her only on My ring finger then painted the rest of the nails with the same palette.

For HK start off painting your nail with a black creme, I used Ebony hates Chris from Wet N Wild. Wait for paint to dry in between each step.
Then tape off the top of your nail with scotch tape & paint the exposed part of your nail with a creamy white polish, I used NYX girls white.
Using a toothpick and kiss nail art paint I made the eyes & wiskers. Using a toothpick and NYX girls woman to make her bow & color club yellow for her nose.
Top with seche vite!! It came out great!!

Are u interested in seeing video or picture tutorials on nail art?

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