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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Well Hello Mr. Ford

Tom Ford ( the artistic genius behind Gucci & Yves St Laurent) has put on his big boy pants & branched off into Beauty :))
Can You say: Drool Worthy!! TF is famous for his chic,edgy,sexy designs, I'm expecting no less than perfection from this man! From formula to packaging this man does NOT skip a beat! Talk about Gorgeous! The epitome of Fashion!
I haven't been this excited about a new make up collection..EVER!
I can't wait to get My perfectly manicured hands on his luxe little parcels of magic

My wishlist so far: The dark chocolate polish named Bitter Bitch & sexy red named lost cherry
Those beautiful brushes, The calligraphy inspired brow pen(omg) & The eyeshadow quads

The collection drops this fall & contains 130 product & yes ladies they WILL be pricey, so save Your pennies

Reviews coming soon!

***all photos courtesy of Tom Ford**

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